2023 Workshops and Retreats

Yoga Teachers 2024-2025

Seasonally, we host several retreats of different persuasions. Teachers and leaders from here and afar assemble for a day, a weekend or more for the perfect Alaska retreat. Whether glamping with us or staying in one of the many local rooms, gathering in the Chilkat Inlet Retreat lodge offers the private waterfront location for your meeting or gathering. Haines is also the perfect destination allowing your participants easy access to hiking or many independent or guided wilderness experiences.

Master yoga teacher, Sarana Miller, is our neighbor and Chilkat Inlet Retreat’s founding teacher offering 3 retreats in 2024. Sarana is a nationally renowned yoga teacher known for her calming, joyful presence, her precise instruction, and her ability to engage directly with a wide range of students.  In her 20-plus years as a teacher, she has empowered thousands of students to develop trust in their bodies, guiding them to greater strength, flexibility, and confidence. She is committed to teaching all ages, all levels of practitioners and all body types, with the sole goal of deepening self-awareness and joy in movement. www.saranayoga.com

Dr. Marnie Hartman of Body IQ Physical Therapy and Yoga lives and practices in Haines, AK.  As a Doctor of Physical Therapy with more than 20 years in diverse practice, it is her deep passion to guide individuals into growing their own unique Body IQ –  the development and true understanding of body, mind, and spirit. She is also a Yoga Medicine trained teacher. Her yoga retreats and workshops act as bridges, using the art and science of western medicine combined with the art and science of yoga to create connections and understanding of the holistic self. Marnie also teaches yoga teachers and healthcare practitioners as an author of Pain Science – Yoga – Life: Bridging neuroscience and yoga for pain care. Practical applications of Pain Science -Yoga – Life retreat coming to CIR in 2024. www.bodyiqpt.com

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